Sunday, March 3, 2013

Prompted by my love of all things Victorian, I have just read A.E.W. Mason's 
The Four Feathers.
Based on a Mason short story, his book tells the story of courage, perceived cowardice and redemption.      
The setting alternates between England, Ireland and the middle East.  England's military presence in the Sudan provides many interesting opportunities for adventure for the six main characters, comrades in arms all.  A story of honor above all, this book was made into seven movies over the years, the best being the 1939 version which features Ralph Richardson.  As with many works of classic literature, the screenwriter takes many liberties with the story line, so I suggest reading the book before viewing any of the movie versions.  The silent version from 1929 may be worth viewing, as it seems to follow the book's plot a bit closer.  I often find that is true with silent films.
The Four Feathers was an engrossing, quick read with an element of romance and a large dose of middle eastern 1880's military intrigue.   Loved it!

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