Tuesday, March 19, 2013

If you are blessed to live in the Lowcountry, and even if you are not, you will be mesmerized by Mary Whyte's book, Down Bohicket Road.  Her story of getting to know and love the beautiful people and places on Johns Island is told through lyrical watercolor paintings and tender words.
No one can drive down Bohicket Road without feeling the pull of the marsh, the farmlands and their guardians, the people and live oaks of Johns Island.
It's hard to choose a favorite among Mary Whyte's subjects, but her paintings of Lilly and Tesha are wonderfully tender and compelling.  I read Mary's book in one Sunday afternoon sitting, but I keep coming back to the paintings of her friend, Alfreda.  What I love about Whyte's images of Alfreda is the light of love, warmth and kindness which shines in her eyes.  How lucky we are that Mary Whyte has allowed us into her heart for Johns Island and the folks Down Bohicket Road.

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