Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Have you ever strolled upper King St. during the evening, and paused to stare, gape and covet the kitchens at SieMatic Kitchen Designs?  Many times?  I thought so- so have I.                                                           I was recently on upper King at lunchtime and was pleased to be able to actually step inside. 
For all of you Foodies, kitchen junkies and chefs out there, this store is nirvana.  SieMatic is a German company, known for clean lines, functionality and beauty of design.  They did not disappoint.
Each aspect of their specially designed kitchens is meant to please, from the textured, metal surface under the sink (very practical in the event of water or cleaning product leaks) to the adjustable height wooden cutting board that slides across the sink above it.  The cabinet drawers are self-closing, the lighting touch and motion sensitive and the corner base cabinets are a sight to behold.   Every want or need of anyone, be they chef or cooking novice, who steps into their kitchens is met.  
All of their work is custom built and designed, as explained to me by the extremely knowledgable, friendly and helpful sales manager.  The prices are in the higher end but well worth the quality and craftsmanship received.
I will never look at another kitchen the same way.... SieMatic is the ultimate kitchen.

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