Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Glass Onion, 1219 Savannah Hwy in
Beautiful West Ashley

How lucky are we in West Ashley to have an amazing restaurant such as The Glass Onion?   The food is fresh, local and incredibly creative.  They are successful due to  great culinary ideas such as crispy french fries served with bearnaise sauce.  Delicious!
Orders are taken at a central counter, from menu items updated daily, written on a large chalk board.  The friendly staff then escorts you to a table, where a picture on a clip is set on the table to help bring the food to the correct table.  My table picture was of Julia Child, who is coincidentally my culinary hero!  My friends and I chose Po Boys, served on soft french-style bread, with lettuce, mayo and tomato.  Mine was loaded with fried shrimp, lightly breaded and so tasty.  The plate was garnished with pickled cucumber chunks.  The portions were generous, we were pretty full, but dessert beckoned.  Knowing how good the meal was, we just had to see if the dessert would be the same....and it was!
We tried Johnny's Favorite Orange Cream Pie and the Blueberry Almond Pound Cake with Buttercream icing.
The orange pie was a creamy, rich version of chess pie, with just the right amount of orange flavor, not too sweet and topped with fresh, whipped cream.  The pound cake was dense, flavorful and moist with a very thick layer of absolutely perfect buttercream icing.  As the menu changes daily, it is well worth visiting The Glass Onion again and again, to discover new taste combinations and to enjoy the company of the genial staff.
As Julia Child would have said, Bon Appetit!  

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