Monday, April 15, 2013

Okay, I just finished reading The Shack, the very popular Christian novel, written by William Paul Young and published in 2007.
Hmmmm....I just don't know what I think about this book.  What topics were meant to be stressed by this narrative?  I almost think that there were too many of them, all swirled around in a colorful but puzzling serving of religious soup.  Some of the ingredients were loss, responsibility, guilt, grief, recovery, faith, anger, revenge, judgement, and love.  Is this beginning to sound like the Old Testament to you?  The only thing missing were the plagues of locust.  Well, maybe they were there somewhere and I just missed them.
The book dwells in a good place, on the great I AM, the holy Trinity.  If you have ever had a difficult time explaining the trinity to new or non-Christian believers, The Shack may be a help to you.  However, there were  aspects of the story that made a few things less clear for Christians.  I struggled a bit with The Shack's suggestion that expectations are sinful.  That seemed rather broad and was somewhat perplexing to me.  But, the book does affirm what should be obvious to all of us who love Jesus Christ dearly, that being with God, being one with Him, brings perfect joy and peace, complete openness and happiness beyond measure.  If that is the message you come away with, then the book is a worthy read.  Am I recommending The Shack?  At the risk of sounding as nebulous as the book,  my answer is...Maybe.

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