Monday, April 29, 2013

A dark tale of unrelenting winter, obsession and disappointment in New England,
the story of Starkfield, Massachusetts resident Ethan Frome will chill you to the bone.  Author Edith Wharton draws you into the small world of subsisting farmers, desperate love and unrealized dreams by the use of a dispassionate narrator.  Told in flashback style, you are lead reluctantly by the hand down a path of emotional and physical destruction.
You will feel a creeping horror for main character, Ethan, as his choices lead him to the inevitable end of all has hoped for.  The suffering of all is exacerbated by the coldness of Ethan's wife, Zeena and the warmth of their live-in help, Mattie.
Still fresh and just as stunning, even on this, my third read, the tragedy and suffering of Ethan Frome is definitely worth adding to your library.

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