Saturday, April 30, 2016

     The Uncommon Reader is a lovely, 120 page story by Alan Bennett, the author of The Lady in the Van.  Bennett’s novella is a quick, lively read, one that is especially entertaining for all who love both reading and writing.                
     This little gem tells the story of the British Queen, who follows her corgis into a bookmobile parked behind the palace,checks out a book, discovers a new interest in the people who work for her and ultimately learns to enjoy reading for reading’s sake.  The Queen has spent her life neither promoting nor advocating, but merely acknowledging, everything and everyone.  Now she finds that reading what she wants, when she wants, then telling anyone who will listen about her literary experiences, is an all-encompassing passion.  That is, until she decides that reading is a passive pastime, and she,The Queen, is not a passive person. 
     "Wouldn’t writing be a more active form of expression for her?" wonders the Queen.  Would it?  Read The Uncommon Reader to find out!

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