Thursday, August 29, 2013

Coffee- manna for those who have to fight their way awake each day.
I am searching for the friendliest cup of coffee on the peninsula.  Christophe on Society St. has the best cup of French Press coffee, Wild Flour's coffee is smooth, but are they friendly…..????   Hmmm….  Kudu coffee is beautifully presented, as well as tasty and I have noticed that they are kind to those who are down on their luck- 4 stars for sure.   Kitchen 208 has great coffee, a lovely new facility and a very friendly staff- they are in first place so far.

Christophe…..2 stars
Wild Flour1 star                      5 stars = Best
Kudu….4 stars
Kitchen 208..4 1/2  stars

My next stop is Black Tap coffee on Beaufain.  Looking for a real smile, folks, along with a really good cup of coffee. 
 Please send me your nominations for friendliest cup of coffee on the peninsula and I will "take one for the team" by relaxing there with a great cup of Joe….and, I hope, a smile.
Yours with caffeine,
The Charleston E. Diner

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