Saturday, August 31, 2013

A "Teacher's Lounge" cocktail
Located in a rustically renovated brick building next to Husk restaurant, The Bar at Husk is a bar experience that stands firmly on its own.  Specializing in bourbons and "classic cocktails", and offering an array of craft beers and fine wines, the Bar at Husk is a fun place to grab a bite in the evening, or a cocktail as a prelude to your dinner next door.
The narrow first floor features a long bar staffed by knowledgable mixologists who not only create modern and vintage cocktails, but also prepare their own flavored tonic waters.  The second floor lounge is roomier and very comfortable, with assorted tables, chairs, upholstered ottomans and banquettes.
     We were a large party, so a pretty varied assortment of drinks were consumed.  This blog's author does not drink spirits, so enjoyed the refreshing artisan tonic water with a slice of lime.  The very efficient wait staff also brought chilled carafes of water to the table, to be shared by all.  Moving on to the other libations, the Whisky Sours were reported to be delicious, the Teacher's Lounge quite fruity and the Copperhead had a bite like its namesake (and an orange peel garnish shaped like a snake, just for fun!).
     The Bakers Bourbon was sipped and enjoyed, but  the favorite drink of the evening was the Dragoon's Punch.  This authentic drink from the Charleston Preservation Society was a delicious mix of brandies, rum, black tea and raw sugar.
     Topping the list of craft beers sampled was the BottleTree Beer Company's Blonde Ale.  Brewed in Greenville, SC, it was light but flavorful and icy cold.
     As we were not only thirsty, but hungry, we ordered a cheese board to share and cheeseburgers all around.  The cheese board offerings were of all types and textures (the blue cheese was especially good), accompanied by house-made fig jam, bread and a few apple slices.  We really enjoyed this, but asked for and received a bit more bread, as we were a large group and quickly ran out of vehicles for the cheese.
     The Husk Cheeseburger, a double burger on a light, seeded bun, had a distinct smokey flavor which we all  noticed and enjoyed quite a bit.  Served with a bottle of their own tangy ketchup, each burger was layered with melted American cheddar cheese, slivered onions, pickles and a mild and creamy "mystery" sauce.  Don't ask for any changes to it, though....per the chef, there are No Modifications!  That was fine with us, as it really was a perfect burger.
     Great food, fine spirits and a really fun atmosphere will bring us back again to the Bar at Husk.

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