Monday, February 4, 2013

Where can you get the absolute BEST cup of French press coffee in downtown Charleston.......for only $2.00 per cup????  Give up?  Christophe Artisan Chocolatier and Patissier at 90 Society Street.  This amazing chocolate shop/ french pastry bakery/coffee house is my new favorite place to unwind quietly with chocolate and caffeine.  There are a few small tables downstairs, beside the bakery case full of exquisite French pastries...more about them later....and a peaceful little oasis upstairs with comfy upholstered chairs and a few more tables and chairs.
I will need to visit Christophe repeatedly to try each pastry.  This weekend I enjoyed the delicate pastry swan, filled with delectable cream.  I also had my eye on the brioche bread pudding.
They sell my favorite Belgian chocolates, little flat discs of chocolate, topped with nuts and dried fruit.  I first discovered them in Bruges, Belgium and was thrilled to find them here in Charleston.
Visit Christophe and let me know which pastry is your favorite, so that I can try it, too!

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