Thursday, February 14, 2013

Victor Hugo's Les Miserables...
Where have you been all my life?  This could be my new favorite book.  Don't let the 1400 pages frighten you off.  I am 35% through it ( a la Kindle) and am loving every single page.  
Victor Hugo loves to digress and my favorite digression so far is his description of the battle of Waterloo.  Who knew that a sunken road, hidden from view in a sweeping field was such a factor in Napoleon's loss?  I have visited the Waterloo battle site, have seen the rolling pasture land and can picture exactly how the sunken road caught, trapped and killed so many French soldiers on horseback.  
I am now a bit further on in Les Mis, in the middle of another digression,  a detailed description of a Benedictine convent in Paris, a place that brings pious suffering to a whole new level.
Stay tuned for more Les Mis updates.

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