Monday, May 13, 2013

Blossom at 171 E. Bay St., downtown

Happy Mother's Day to me!!  My family and I had a lovely meal  at Blossom Restaurant this weekend.
Blossom has an understated frontage on E. Bay St., and you may walk right by without realizing that there is  a fairly large restaurant there, with a cathedral, beamed ceiling and outdoor dining.
In past year's, we have watched The Kentucky Derby at their small but friendly bar and celebrated New Year's Eve in their balloon bedecked dining room.  This year, Mothers Day was well-spent at Blossom, dining on Lowcountry favorites and traditional fare.
Our starters were Buttermilk Fried Calamari, She Crab Soup and Baby Spinach Salad.  The calamari was some of the best our group has eaten in a long time, lightly breaded, tender and served with a creamy red pepper remoulade.
I am very fussy about she crab soup, and Blossom's definitely met my expectations.  It had a zing of paprika and a wonderful flavor of sherry throughout.  The baby spinach salad had a twist that I loved...candied bacon.  Delicious.
We ordered the Maple Leaf Farms Duck, Pecan Crusted Flounder and Grilled NY Strip Steak and were pleased with all three.  The duck was crispy on the outside, tender inside and served with a flavorful port cherry sauce.  I loved the flounder, which was one of the better pecan crusted presentations of fish that I have had in the area.  It was served over a bed of sweet potato hash and a puree of fig and honey.  Each bite was swirled in the puree before eaten, giving it a slightly sweet finish.  The NY strip was perfectly cooked and quite tender.  Our entrees were accompanied by a basket of bread, baked with a pretzel-like, soft crust, topped with crunchy sea salt.
The restaurant was very flexible when asked for substitutions on veggie sides and the service was friendly and efficient.
For delicious entrees and a cheerful atmosphere, I recommend Blossom on E. Bay.

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