Saturday, November 3, 2012

On a recent shopping trip on Meeting Street, downtown Charleston, I stopped in to the Mills House Hotel's restaurant, The Barbadoes Room, for lunch.  Their she-crab soup has always been my favorite, and it was still just as creamy and delicious as I remembered.  It has a little kick from just the right amount of red pepper and a nice finish from the dash of sherried cream on top.  The restaurant itself is cozy and quiet,  decorated in a rich, Caribbean style, with paddle fans in the shape of palm leaves, comfy upholstered chairs and deep carpets.  The wait staff is experienced, professional and friendly.  Most of them have been waiting on me for years.  The new presentation of the food on the lunch menu, however, is not quite up to par.  The chicken salad has always been a favorite, served in a halved pineapple, but is now served in a mound on the plate.  Just not the same.  Still, worth the trip for lunch, if just for the she-crab soup.

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