Friday, September 7, 2012

A lovely dinner tonight at Carolina's- we chose from the Charleston Restaurant Week menu...3 courses.  My husband chose the bibb salad, which he said had a hint of a bite to it...white pepper?  Very good.  My first course was a smokey tomato bisque, thick and deep red with a definite smoked flavor....tasted like ham stock, perhaps, was used?  Good and quite different, which I like.
My husband had the Pan Roasted Keegan-Filion Chicken.  It was moist and delicious, with a hint of buttermilk.  My second course was the Pan Sauteed Flounder, which was crispy, buttery and the best prepared fish I've eaten in Charleston in a long time.  One of the most delicious parts of both meals was the sauteed vegetables, greens, mushrooms and slivered ham served under the fish, and a similar mix, with croutons, served under the chicken.  The flavors blended so nicely that we would have let them linger in our mouths for a while longer, if not for the sight of course three.  Our dessert was a delicious Pecan Brittle Basket, filled with smooth vanilla bean ice cream, fresh fruit (huge blueberries...yum) and drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce.  We finished with Carolina's own blend of coffee, which was really very good as well.  A perfect meal- we will definitely return.  Carolina's is a quiet, little gem.

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